Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm bored. I feel like I'm drifting through a sea of nothing. I need something to do, to focus my energy on. All I do is sit around my house, spend endless hours on the internet, watch anime, smoke, bitch about how sick I am and try not to drink the whiskey sitting on my shelf.

My sleeping pattern being reversed now and not having a mobile phone have made it hard to even begin to build a normal life again. Or maybe I just lack the want or will to see anyone. Recent events have put a bad spin on the new year, for many of my close friends. I look around and all I see is fuck up after fuck up after break up after raging drug habit.

But what is closeness in this cold and desolate world?

I don't work. I don't study. Currently, I don't do anything. I take your money, you, the tax payer. I spend it on nicotine and other consumable shit.

A plan is born and now comes the day I write a new resume.

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