Sunday, June 7, 2009

Good Fortune.

" We are going to pick it up, meet us in one hour."

So, we went to the bottle shop to pick up some booze. Got some food. Went to the trainstation. Went five stops down and departed from the train.

Waiting.. Waiting..

I listen to my iPod for a while and get bored. I decied to crack a drink.

Within 10 minutes they rock up and we get a lift to the party.
We arrive and I am very doubtful on my chances of having a good night. The people at this 'party' are all incredibly derro looking.

They wern't half bad.

Time drags on.. and so do the drinks.. It is now 2:00 am and I have no phone, a fist full of silvers, one can of bourbon and no way to get home. Everyone is passed out and I am unable to find a pay phone. So the journey begins..

The air is ice cold and I'm breathing frost. It feels so damn fine to walk in the night. Paranoid at first, weary of the raised voices in the distance, the barking of dogs. Still walking. After walking for around 15 minutes and failing to find any familiar streets I find a couple, passionately kissing against a wall. I walk up to them, apoligize and ask if they know where the train station is. They tell me they are looking for it too and I should come with them.

Walking with them is fun and they are very intoxicated. They both fall over a few times. They ask me a lot of questions about my life (it is a long walk) and out of no where, the man hands me $25.

I get to the train station and I have missed the last train. All of the pay phones are busted. I seem to be trapped here, but I get an awsome idea to use the train gards phone to get picked up.

Over all it was a great night and a fun adventure.

1. Go to party.
2. Drinks.
3. Walk home.
4. Random drunk people.
5. ???????

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  1. I lol'd that 'i understand all too well' lol.
    I love you darling.

    p.s; #6