Monday, June 29, 2009

For What It's Worth.

The seconds tick by and I am struck to wonder if I ever existed. I think you have all forgotten or much worse, given up.

How can I fill a page you will never read?
How can you exist if I will never see?
How can you make a promise I will inevitably break?
How can I love you when my insides are cold and fake?

I can't.

It seems everyone's houses are crumbling.
The storm is devouring cement, blood and bone.
Breaking branches from trees and flooding the ark.
Paper flowers sodden and cotton wings rendered useless.
The purple clouds enabling the water works for ever more.
An exchange of words,
An exchange of disease;
There isn't much difference these days.

Wait for the break in the looming clouds.
Water will return to the oceans and
Sun shine will crack the sky.
Dry your wings in the beautiful light.
Spiral on air until you find a better life.

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