Monday, June 1, 2009

Death Bloomed.

When I lost my Black Obsidian I started to feel strange. I didn't think anything of it but as time passed I started feeling stranger and stranger. The shadows seemed darker. The rediculous suggestions of aliens and angry spirits seemed more and more believable. The beat hammering through me was just making it worse. Pure anxiety and paranoia. Unable to escape from these feelings with my Dad totalled in the tent on lsd and pot.

I felt so alone. Everyone I spoke to seemed to be on a totally different level. The feeling was pure disconection. After a few hours of this and the bad vibes getting stronger I decieded to sit by my fire. Building it. Building it. Watching it start to die down and then building it some more. This process continued until the sun rose. Just as pink started to line the sky I began to have deep realisations of existance. Realisations that I cannot express.

The sun rose enough to see very well I saw a field. This field looked very pretty from where I was standing. So miss Conflicted, Experience and I decieded to go take a look. They were still tripping. By this point I was dead sober.

We walked down the slope and reached a small barbed wire fence. Miss Conflicted went over first. The hairs on the back of my neck were already standing up. It was my turn to go over. I really didn't want to but at the same time I felt as though I had to. It was then Experience's turn to get over the fence. She climbed over and we started walking. She then started backing away and wanted to get back to the doof. I guess she could sense the bad vibes too. But we convinced her to stay. I started to feel incredibly animal. This weird primative feeling. Like I could smell fear and sense danger and this really fucked up dark feeling beyond anything I had ever felt.

Miss Conflicted and I started running through this field, zig zagging, laughing, bumping into each other. It was all smiles. Smiles of insanity, we should not have been there. We where some what crazed. Pulled our selves together and kept walking. We saw this fluffy thing a little in the distance. I walked up to it and saw what it was. The corspe of a mutilated white rabbit. Only then did I realise that we were walking over mountains of shit. Everywhere I looked, shit covered the ground. Shit.. and hundreds of little dead animal bodies?

We kept walking on. The vibes just getting worse and worse. We reached the second fence and climbed over. I walked 10 steps at most before I felt certain that if I continued I would die. I saw something.. moving.. in the distance. So I turned and ran. I didn't look back until I was over the first fence, even then it was a look of fear.


  1. and who are ms. conflicted and ms. experience?
    I assume madhattersyndrome is one of them...

  2. Ithis really intrigues me, i love code words but i wish i knew what half of them meant :(