Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cult Status. Pt 1

Strips of flesh hang from rusty hooks in the shed out back. I stand in the hallway. Taking in the smell of stale sex and metallic blood. The site of an array of sharp objects, thread bare carpet and walls in need of a paint job or two suit the site of her cadaver in the corner perfectly.

Legs spread. Mutilated labia. Her clitorous lays feet from her on the carpet, like an over cooked pink pea on the ground. Face turned way too far towards the wall for it to be healthy. The sounds of movement from the next room stir me from my thoughts and I turn away, slightly aroused. Stroking my hand down the damp wall I feel a light switch and flick it.

" Hey, Jonesy, you there man?"
" Yeah.. urgh.. ahhh.." I hear a reply through the wall. I take three steps up the hall, close enough to touch her.. and enter the living room. The room isn't very well lit by five candels in the center. Light flickers across everything in the room, giving a slight strobe light effect. I look towards the grunts and see a small, ghoulish man with blue hair. I clear my throat and he stands up abruptly. Leaving the unconscious girl he was furiously fucking. Is she still breathing..? It is too dark to tell. Jonsey begins to walk over. He looks a sight. Naked. His large, erect cock sticking straight out and covered in dry blood and semen.

" What have you done to yourself? Jesus Christ.." I say as he pulls on some torn denim jeans and a pair of boots.
" Nuffin' man, nuffin'. I'm fine. C'mon I'll show ya the stuff I picked up for ya. It's in the shed." We walk out of the room after he pauses to give the girl a thoughtful kick in the head.

Too be continued..


  1. A thoughtful kick in the head, ye say?
    Well, dear, for that, he becomes a POLITE fucked up being, and steals my heart. I simply can not stand rudeness.

    Lovely, m'dear. -Sits in anticipation of wtf is int he shed-.

  2. this is a good idea. i may borrow the 'many parts' approach :)
    (and may publish your work next issue)