Sunday, March 22, 2009

Submissive by trade.

Drag the carcass along the dirt.
Yeah slut get down on your knees.
You are a dirty, dirty girl.
Foul bitch, you make me sick.

I slap your face until you scream,
I tweak your nipples until they bleed,
You love it,
It makes you sick.

Dirty gravel on an even dirtier moral ground,
Ingrained into my genetics like dirt in my pores.

" Fuck yeah, like that. Tell me you like it. You are a fucking dirty little girl."

Don't touch me.
Drag the carcass along the dirt.
Do with it what you will. It's dead isn't it?
She is so dead. Look at her yellowing eyes.

Fucking her with a knife, oh yeah, she screams so nice,
She flinches at the touch but loves it all the same.
Nothing, not the drugs, not the booze,
Nothing could hide her shame.

She is a shell.
Yeah, it's okay, it's all alright, she doesn't care, she doesn't care..

Staring at my keyboard with a blank expression.
Constantly fiddling, twitching, shaking, chewing, smoking.
I know you feel it too..

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