Wednesday, March 18, 2009


If I took this cigarette and put it out on you...
Would you love me?

Her throat is soft
Her lips are red
Her thighs are white
Her heart is dead

Red rope
Burns around her wrists
Her blood is a serpents kiss
Do you love your whore?
I like to hear you beg
She crouched down in the corner with her head between her legs

Broken glass and dirty needles
Soul erosion truth
Electric god
Our superman found dead in a telephone booth

Shards of teeth
Ice pick abortions
Orgasmic death so warm
Lets die screamin'
Black goat semen
I can't hear you whisper "conform"

Hearts will stop and brain cells pop
Apocalyptic high

She screams bloody murder as they chop off her fingers
So this is how it feels to die

But it's ok
Yeah everything's ok

She was screaming about conspiracy
Talkin' about taking sides
I was masturbating, just contimplating
The cold love of suicide

Hearts will stop and brain cells pop
Apocalyptic high
She was screaming bloody murder as they chop off her fingers..
So this is how it feels to die.


  1. I can't stop loving your writing.
    I hope you know I'm going to publish some of it.
    let me know what name it should go under girl.

  2. Living out of fear of dying...
    Or dying out of fear of living?

    The skin washes clean, but the inside stains.

    Can't remove the filthy taste.

    In all of truth, there is no hope, no love, no right and wrong. Certainly no point in your travels.

    Because you want to go nowhere, because you've realized everywhere leads back to here.

    Wash it away, and prepare for another dose of the sickness.

    It's coming for you, because it knows you know, and if you know, how can you be controlled?

    But now you know it knows you know, and with this knowledge, comes power, trauma, responsibilty.

    Take this flask and put it somewhere inside you, it's all you can do in this state of mind.

    Escape the reality of it all, and smile, because you're so fucking beautiful.

    Back to the purple flowers on the wallpaper. Back to trying to convince them you're alive.
    Back to the morgue to disect yourself.
    Back to the morbid truth.
    Back to me.

    Too much disgrace in your eyes, all I see is wonder.

    You're fucking beautiful.