Monday, March 30, 2009

Cabernet Merlot.

Her lips taste like plastic explosives,
With her eyes smelling of death,

I do not dream.

" All of you are so dearly lovely!"

" I would love to kiss you all!"

Squares of letters.
White letters!
Black squares?!
My god, you are so hard to read!

A blank rectangle..
An arrow on which I love to flip lines.
Squares of letters on which I love to express.

The cylinder falls victim to my mouth.
Falling in volume, it seems to scream to be emptied.

The cardboard, it contains the others..
The pretty white cylinders..
" Burn them, burn them!"

The pretty ones get jealous as I hold the cylinder to my mouth.
" You must.. consume.. them.. ALL!"

The shapeless hit my ears.
To my pleasure.

Fill me from the outside in with the shapeless, the smokable and the drinkable..
Yeah mother fucker..

Yeah.. I've been drinking.. hehehe.

1 comment:

  1. I'm either going to change or remove the last line, but i want this for NewPsy :)
    It will probably be the first and only post that glorifies drinking :P
    Because it's about drinking RIGHT