Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Bliss IsToo Real.

I awoke that morning feeling strange, feeling as though I should never shower again. You left me clean. Hazy memories came to mind as I reminisced in the past 48 sleep deprived hours.

A great sadness overcame me and I was unable to speak. The entire effect of the anguished speechlessness took hold as the memory of your words from some two nights previous fluttered across my mind, like a butterfly trying to escape death. The words, they bounced around my skull.
" This will never happen again."

I stared at the stars and cried. They looked so pretty with tears in my eyes. While running through the empty night streets feeling hollow, a simple thought crossed my mind; Would it be so pointless to live, if my point was to make them all die?

I noticed a middle-aged woman bustling along the sidewalk with her dog. I approached her, sporting a smile and a hunting knife. Before she could scream, think or cry I thrust the blade into her right lung. I twisted and withdrew. The dog started barking. In such a waste of animal life, I gently slit it's throat.

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