Monday, March 1, 2010

Caffeine fueled bullshit adventure.

So now I'm home and in this weird sleep deprived, heat stroked, dehydrated state. Feels bad man. The whole time I was in the city I felt like I was in a music video for some kind of shitty band that has shitty soulless music of false happiness and trying to make it sound depressing but up beat at the same time, you know what kind of music I'm talking about.

Didn't see much interesting things, I saw how shit a lot of things are, I saw a lot of hopeless old homeless men and filthy abos and crack heads and what not, the usual. I did find a phone on the ground locked to telstra, which suits me perfectly. I got some seriously average coffee served by some happy bitch. Just wanted to rape the happiness out of her. Not really.

So I had a dream last time I slept, it was pretty weird. Yeah dreaming about meadows and shit again. And today I was walking down the street and facepalming at how I used to look like a massive emo while looking at even more massiver emos. I just wanted to start wrecking people. Them Lebanese bastards over charged me by $4 for a packet of smokes. Bull shit and etc.

Time is short and our breathes will hopefully be shorter.
Smoking is a slow, pleasurable and socially acceptable form of suicide and I like it.

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