Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bring Rain and Red Wine.

What is one to do, after all else is done? It's like an adventure coming to a close, what is the adventurer expected to do once it's all finished? I sit under attack of nostalgia. I'm now at a point where I could use this all to completely turn my life around or just sit and sink back into old habits and let myself become over run with bordem and cheap wine.

Last night I was talking in my sleep
I was discussing wine
You suggested shiraz
And I was happy with your taste

When I see the Autumn leaves
Dying slowly on the tree
Soon the leaves will wither and fall
Giving way to Winter frost
The sky sings to you
Here comes another great sordid calm
All my love
Am I lost?

I can taste rain
And feel it on my face
You picked me up on a dark winter day
Your car was warm
And I expected this to be always

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