Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stab Wound Orgasm.

The flowers are forever sodden
The heart forever stained
The blade is never sharp enough
To over ride the pain

From autumn days
To winter clouds so grey
For this spark of hope
I would have to fucking pay

There is a price
Of high ideals and looking nice
I hope you choke you fucking cunt
You will never possess anything that I want

Feeling ill, living in dirt
Stumbling through a concrete hell
Time spent protected from the hurt
Just keeps me from getting well

False emotions inside hollow heads
Remind me of dead flowers in a garden bed
It's a story told over
A life wasted is a life spent sober

The mirror is shattered
The illusion is broken
The kiss is meaningless
No truth is ever spoken

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  1. omg lol when you do the an hero film plz ily have fun being emofag