Sunday, August 2, 2009


So right, August 3rd 2008. What were you doing on this day?
I bet you can't recall. Uh huh, you can't.

I was spaced out on benzos in some bullshit white room. Marijuana induced paranoia. Bat shit paranoid of death I tells you.

Alright. Okay.

So, a few months ago, I don't even remember how many, I started smoking this godly substance again. Everyday, every night and oh sweet Jesus it felt good.

The catch is, smoking all this pot is making me bitch out again. So, as of today I am quitting all over again. I have spent today and tonight sober. It just seems to fit. I felt like announcing this to you all. Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck!

    For the record;
    I spent the 3rd of August 2009 in a studio about the size of an average 2 bedroom house (approximately the same floor square meterage) emailing team mates for a competition to go to Venice, and tracing the floor plans of Villa Savoye for a project where I need to add an addition to the famous modernist house.
    I remember feeling proud to represent my University and frustrated that everyone around was complaining about their work, which was the same load of work as me, but minus all the competition stuff I'm also doing.
    Then I felt my anger was unjustified, as i had chosen this by myself, for possible personal gain.
    Still... the pride goes to my University as a whole too, so why does no-one care about that?
    And why do I constantly feel like the only one putting in the very most of my effort? `
    Why do I feel like everyone around me is extremely lazy?
    I say because I care, but why do I care?
    Why DO I always put in the effort?
    They ask me that, but I don't need to tell you the answer again.

    Go Hard Or Go Home.

    It makes me feel Divine.

    I am the most alive human being on this earth.
    I am... Divine.

    I am your unwanted Angel.

  2. woah long comment fag
    why do you type so much fag?

    author is fag too
    weed is good for you coz wizards do it

  3. -.-
    This is good.
    I hope you haven't already failed.
    Best of wishes, m'dear.

    The only things wizards do as of late is make those awesome hand-blowy-dryee things. NO. Don't listen to Bobbie on this matter, it IS magic! Her logic is stupid! IT IS MAGIC.

    Anyways, enough about fags and wizards.

    Again, good luck. (l)