Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bubble, Pull, Choke.

The trees wither and rot
A baby is born into a river of snot
Swine flu and congealing blood
Soon the cities will all flood
People mill around for hours and hours
They don't know of my hidden powers
I darken my heart and blacken my soul
As I direct a car into a metal pole
The metal screeches and wheels turn
I laugh manically as the family burns
I rise into the sky and let out a squeal
I dive into a hooker and cop a feel
She screams, she cries, she runs
But it's too late, I've got a gun
The safety clicks
The bitch shits bricks
I shoot her in the cunt
And stub out my blunt
Without a second thought
I continue to walk
Along a dark street sprayed with pale
I steal a boat
By cutting some cunts throat
Then proceed to set sail

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